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    Finding home insurance is one thing, but finding the best deal is another! You will find here all the tips, often ignored, but simple to implement, which will allow you to find the best quality / price ratio for a housing insurance perfectly adapted to your needs. Naturally, we will not miss the use of a home insurance comparator.

    Better home insurance: our tips for paying less
    There are many points on which you can save money with your home insurance:


    • compare offers: an insurance comparator allows you to find in just a few clicks all home insurance quotes adapted to your situation. It's free, fast and without commitment: start without waiting;

    • equip your home against theft: anti-theft devices (from the simple sign "Attention to the dog" to the alarm, through the security door and shutters adapted to windows) are often necessary before taking out a flight insurance, but their use will reduce your insurance premium: talk to your insurer, it's an investment that can be profitable;

    • subscribe a home insurance tailor-made. Today, the offer in this area is extremely vast and the formulas ever more complete. For all that, is it worth taking the strongest protection for a studio? Make sure that the warranties subscribed are in all respects to your needs to pay only for protections that concern you;

    • keep abreast of discounts: they may be temporary discounts for commercial purposes, or discounts granted under certain conditions; it is in any case one of the first questions to ask before subscribing to a home insurance;

    • always be closer to reality in the estimation of your movable property (television, hi-fi, computer, appliances, jewelry, etc.) to ensure, not to be covered beyond or beyond your real needs ;

    • combine your home insurance with your other insurance products: the "complete customers" are generally entitled to a reduction on all their premiums if they combine the contracts (car insurance, mutual insurance ...) with one and the same insurance company. Again you can compare offers to find the provider able to offer you the best insurance;

    • Lastly, opt for the automatic deposit payment method for sending checks: their processing will earn you additional processing fees.

    • Better home insurance: our tips for paying less

    There are many points on which you can save money with your home insurance:   

    If you are thinking of finding the best home insurance using a comparator for example, it is important, upstream, to know when and how you can cancel your current warranty. It is useless to find the best formula if you can denounce your contract before 10 months. You will simply hurt you by saying that you are paying too much!

    Home insurance is concerned by both the Chatel law and the Hamon law.

    The first allows to cancel each year on the anniversary date by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt two months before. Your insurance company is required to send you an email 15 days before the deadline for sending the letter. If this is not the case, you can cancel at any time. If you receive this letter less than 15 days before, you have 20 days to send your mail.

    With the Hamon law, everything is even simpler. Its goal is to enable everyone to save money by comparing home insurance and being more free to change. If you have been hired for more than a year, you can cancel at any time to find the best home insurance.

    Better home insurance: what guarantees?

    Insurance companies compete inventiveness to offer you ever more personalized offers. Finding the best homeowners insurance is buying insurance that suits you. Here are the guarantees that you can find during your comparisons on our online tool:

    • fire;
    • water damage ;
    • theft, burglary and vandalism;
    • broken glass;
    • severe weather ;
    • natural and technological disasters;
    • public liability ;
    • the pool guarantee;
    • the resort guarantee;
    • legal protection;
    • the dependencies guarantee;
    • the guarantee of electrical equipment;
    • the re-equipment to nine.

    Consider also to consult the general and particular conditions of your contract. If you regularly leave your home, make sure that an indefiniteness clause is included.         

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